Mega discount -50%

Mega discount -50%

Come to our clinic in company with someone and get 50% discount!

If you already have been in Depilart for treatment, you may participate in our recommending promotion and get discount up to 50%.

Each person which will come to Depilart at your recommendation, will have 50% discount for his first depilation treatment. Thanks to this, you also will have discount up to 50%.

If the price of your treatment is lower than recommended person’s treatment price, you will get 50% discount. If the price of your treatment is not lower than recommended person’s price of the treatment, you will get the same amount of discount as the recommended person does.

For one treatment you may only use one discount. If you recommended to more than one person, it is possible to use discount for next treatments separately. Don’t forget that every recommendation will give you the chance of getting discount!

This promotion is not combinable with other promotions.

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In our clinic, treatments are being performed by cosmetologists who graduated from cosmetology department of medical universities and took master degree. For completing our tasks and achieving customer satisfaction, knowledge and experience is our priority.
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