Injection mesotherapy – face, neck, decolette

Injection mesotherapy – face, neck, decolette

Injection mesotherapy is the treatment of providing  special concentrated ingredients to the skin by shallow injections.

Cocktails are being chosen individually, acording to skin condition and needs. In Depilart we use premium quality MESOESTETIC ampoules. They contain very active ingredients such as hialuronic acid, vitamins, peptides and minerals.

Thanks to injections we achieve much better results than just creaming and aplying masks on face. This treatment is conditioning, rejuvenating, deeply moisturising, nourishing and firming your skin.

None of coctails that we use contain any wrinkle fillers or botulinum toxin, so you can be sure that effect will be fully natural. Mesotherapy will result in visibly better skin condition without changing your face expression or shape.

Mesotherapy treatment is almost painless and absolutely safe. It is performed by qualified and experienced cosmetologist with sterile, disposable tools.

It is good to start mesotherapy treatments in youth age to regulate skin processes and keep young appearance for longer time. If your skin already lost it’s volume and firmness, we will use anti-aging coctails which will stimulate cells to regenerate and produce more collagen.

It is best to do 3-6 treatments in 7-14 days breaks, although one mesotherapy will give you visible results. Amount of necessery treatments depends on general skin condition, your home skin care and expected results.

We recommend you mesotherapy if:

  • your skin lost it’s firmness
  • you have wrinkles
  • your skin is dry
  • you have problem with excess oil on skin and tendency to inflammations
  • you have tendency to reddness and extended vessels
  • you have dark, swollen circles under eyes

Right after mesotherapy treatment skin can be irritated and flushed. You should avoid putting make up cosmetics till next day. In rare cases, on the skin can appear little bruise, which will be gone in few days.

24 hours after mesotherapy treatment you shouldn’t workout heavily, you shouldn’t use swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. Untill you will heal completely,  avoid sun and use sunscreens with SPF 50+.


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